About The Retreat

My name is Christine Ishmael. 
I’m a recent widow.  Lost my best friend in June, 2017.
I'm a Mom to six precious humans whom I love so much.
I craft for a living with the American Crafts Company where I get to craft and get paid to do it!  Best job ever since I could craft 24/7.
I love vintage and started a Facebook group for buying and selling vintage items.  There's over 30,000 members on the site that I now have to compete with for cool vintage stuff!  
What was I thinking?
I love meeting new people.
I love event planning.
I can't wait to meet you!

The Webster’s Dictionary describes the word “Reclaim” as “something that was lost or stolen”.  So many times as women we give all of our time and efforts to our husbands, our children, our partners, our family and our employers.  We tend to lose a bit of ourselves as we strive to maintain balance in a not so balanced world.  My hope for you is that when you attend a Reclaim Retreat, your heart and mind will be filled with hope, new friendships and a chance to take back something good about yourself that may have been lost.  The women who attend these retreats have changed my life.  My perspective as I’ve grown to love each and every one of them. I know that women need other women who support each other, love each other and uplift one another.  My hope is that you’ll leave my retreat a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend,  partner and employee or employer.

My retreats are 3days/2 nights and located in the Heber Valley, Utah area.  The drive is just under an hour from Utah County or Salt Lake.  If you are flying in, you'll want to arrive in Salt Lake City International Airport.  Beautiful Midway and Park City are close by.  We spend two days crafting and one day shopping and exploring.  Meals are delicious and you'll enjoy a break from cooking!

Please join me on my next retreat adventure!

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One of my favorite pics from my 2016 retreat!  Love these women!

2017 Retreat!!


  1. For the retreats, do we bring out own crafts to do or do you provide the craft projects? Thank you.

    1. We supply it all...you are welcome to bring your own projects to work on as well but for the projects we bring, all supplies are included.